We have created this blog moving and organizing.

When packing up to move your whole life, ti can be quite frustrating. However, here are some ways to make the move easier and smoother for you.

First, make a list.  Check it twice, and before you even pack a singular box, keep a single system of record keeping. Create a printed list of numbers and space for contents, and use a notebook for this. You should place a number on every box you pack. don’t put the list down unless it’s in a place you have your packing items at. This is where you’ll keep all your packing supplies, and it can be good for you to be specific with whatever you’re packing in boxes.

You should also have lots of boxes, more than you think since having boxes makes the move easier.  You can always return boxes you don’t’ use for refunds if you buy from a moving company.  You should have about 10 boxes set aside for last minute items during the moving day, and you should also make sure that you have strong packing tape to secure this, along with unprinted newspaper, packing paper, or bubble wrap, and you should make sure that you get extra to make this smoother. 

Use your wardrobe boxes. Those tall and bulky boxes are perfect for comforters, blankets, pillows, and clothes that have to remain hanging. You should find out from the moving company what boxes they’re bringing, and measure the clothes within the closets to find out how much you need, and you can also use storage boxes for these too. You should never make these too heavy to lift since these can be quite hard to move otherwise.

Another popular tip is to color coordinate, and you should designate colors for each room related to your home, applying stickers with color on there. You should put stickers coordinating the color next to each room. The movers will be able to put everything in the rightful places, and you should keep the boxes placed in the right areas to help prevent traffic in areas.

Finally, keep your stuff together. Keep it all together when packing boxes, whether it be bookends with your books, light bulbs with lamps, and extension cords with the appliances. Anything with small and loose parts should be taped or put ins small envelopes, such as picture hooks with pictures, shelving with the bookcase, or anything in a wall unit. Coordinating all of these, always make sure that if you don’t know where it goes, you create a “parts box” to help with this, since it ultimately can make it even better for you when your move.

Moving is stressful, but hopefully, these tips make it easier for you to move, and it makes it so much more manageable than it’s been in the past. They can help you overcome the stresses of moving, and in turn, can make it easier, and it can make it better for the moving company too as well.