How to Prepare for a Move

Moves can be quite stressful, and for many people, preparing for them can be hard. Luckily, here we’ll tell you some tips on how to best plan for a move that you’re about to make.

First, buy a binder and make a “moving” folder. You should create a moving checklist, plan a timeline, and store all of the paperwork. Establish folders for the documents, such as the contracts and the receipts, and all personal information and any financial documents that relate to the new place, such as the mortgage agreement or the lease.

There are moving checklists that you should start to plan. You should do it in weekly increments, whether it be 8, 4, or 2 weeks, so you can break your move into smaller and more manageable projects.

In this, you should take inventory of everything you have, and how much this will cost. This is super important, so account for everything you own, so that you can figure out the right moving company when it’s time.

You should also create a moving budget, which includes moving costs, any post-move costs such as furniture, repairs, and the like, and keep them all in a folder.

You probably will also want to create a set amount of “you” time. This is definitely an upheaval, and even when you’ve planned the commute and the like, you’ve still got to deal with life, so make sure you take care of yourself too.

When moving, prepare by purchasing the right packing supplies. You don’t want to waste money on supplies that are unnecessary, so you should consider any boxes you need, and any books, clothes, and the like. Buy the right size of boxes and it can make a difference when packing the place up.

Finally, know how to pack the tricky items. You should know how to pack and wrap the fragile items so that you can keep everything intact. You should try to wrap everything in plastic wrap, take photos of any electronics before they unpack, and learn how to pack your food like a grocer. If nothing else, make sure that you always accurately label the boxes that you have. You should always make sure that the heavier stuff is on the bottom, and the lighter items on top, and in the event of any jarring, make sure that anything that is heavy isn’t going to land straight ton anything fragile, because that does happen, and it’s not fun.

Preparing to move is always really stressful, and you can work to truly master the art of packing and moving with the right items that you have, and anything that you need in the future. You’ll be able to, with this, create the best moving experience that you can in your life, and you can from here, prepare to move like a pro. It will make your life less chaotic, and in turn, it can allow for a more successful ordeal and move both.